OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A student program in Oakland is trying to recover after falling victim to a theft. The suspects took off with video and audio equipment that were used by teens to make documentaries centered on personal history, cultures and their communities.

Approximately $7,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the Peralta House Museum in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood last month. The stolen goods include cameras, microphones, and a laptop.

The theft is a big setback, and the group is now hoping the community can help.

“Very shocking, very shocking for all of the interns. We couldn’t believe it,” said Abad Leyva, the education director at Peralta Hacienda.

Leyva oversees “Oakland 200,” which is made up of just over a dozen teenage students that make documentaries and other video projects.

“You’re gonna see poetry that these kids have done – interviews in Fruitvale, in West Oakland talking about Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and talking about their own experiences,” he said.

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Leyva says there was no sign of forced entry at the museum, but it appears the alarm system could be faulty.

The museum and the park are owned by the city. To continue the work the students are using old equipment and finding other ways to make due. Leyva says the projects are important and essential to empowering Oakland’s youth. Hundreds of students have so far benefitted from the program.

The non-profit is seeking donations to help replace the stolen equipment. You can help the effort HERE