WINDSOR, Calif. (KRON) – A seventh woman has now come forward to accuse Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual misconduct.

Former Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley says Foppoli climbed on top of her and exposed himself back in 2015 in Sacramento during a conference for government officials.

Hundley said she went to Foppoli’s room after a night of drinking but told him she didn’t want anything sexual to happen.

She also claimed Foppoli took photos of her in a bathrobe.

“In the weeks that have passed, and having now talked about it with them and several others, I realized how desensitizing it can be to be a young woman navigating a sexist and patriarchal world filled with men who think they are entitled to women’s bodies,” Hundley wrote on Twitter.

Another victim is town councilmember Ester Lemus, who reported that Foppoli drugged and assaulted her in two separate incidents.

Foppoli has denied all the claims against him, saying that any contact was consensus.

Still, he decided to step back from an “active” role as mayor until the investigation is complete.

He has not resigned.

The Town Council of Windsor officially requested that the Sonoma County District Attorney authorize a grand jury investigation against Mayor Foppoli due to his “willful or corrupt misconduct in office.”

There is still a recall campaign in motion.