OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Police in Oakland made eight arrests and towed dozens of vehicles following weekend sideshows.

Two separate illegal sideshows happened in the city of Oakland on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Authorities say nearly 200 cars were driving throughout the city to try and take over intersections on Saturday night.

Officers on the ground and in the air with the police department’s helicopter were able to deter the illegal activity. One vehicle was towed.

On Sunday night, officers were assigned to sideshow enforcement for nearly eight hours.

Authorities received reports of a sideshow in the area of 98th and Edes Avenues.

Helicopter officers flew over the area spotting about 300 people and 100 cars.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested eight people, towed 22 cars, one ATV, and wrote 14 citations.

The department is working to identify additional cars involved in the weekend activities. Once those vehicles are identified, police will go to the addresses where the vehicles are registered and tow them.

“I appreciate our City Councilmembers for supporting and restoring funds for a dedicated sideshow detail. Without these additional resources, our city would’ve experienced significantly more destructive sideshow activity. These sideshow events are known to take over intersections and neighborhoods causing significant safety concerns in our community. It will take a combined effort of law enforcement and the community to address these dangerous sideshow events. Let’s continue to work together towards making Oakland a city free of sideshows.”

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong

Police are working with community groups and other law enforcement agencies to find a long-term solution for illegal sideshows.

If you have any information about the illegal activity that occurred over the weekend, you are asked to contact authorities on the non-emergency tip line email: sideshowtips@oaklandca.gov