OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Seven people were injured and one person was killed in Oakland Monday night, in a shooting the Oakland Police Department said is possibly gang-related. The shooting happened just after 6:00 p.m. at 5910 MacArthur Boulevard where a music video shoot was underway at the time, police confirmed Tuesday.

Upon arriving at the scene Monday night, OPD officers learned that there was a shootout between several people. Video from the Citizen app shows the crime scene is a Valero gas station.

There were approximately 40-50 people taking part in filming the music video, police said Monday. While the video was being filmed, gun fire broke out from multiple shooters in various directions.

“We know some [participants] were affiliated with the music video,” said Acting Oakland Police Chief Darren Allison at a news conference Tuesday.

“We suspect that there might be a gang connection,” added OPD Captain Tony Jones.

There were no victims at the scene when police arrived, but officers found shell casings.

“We saw various calibers of casings out there,” Allison said, describing shells as belonging to both rifles and handguns.

OPD later learned of multiple gunshot victims taking themselves to local hospitals. As of Tuesday afternoon, OPD was aware of eleven victims. One is dead and the others are in stable condition.

According to OPD, five impacted individuals were struck by gunfire and a further three were injured in a car crash related to the shooting. OPD listed another three people as victims on Tuesday, saying two were in a car that was struck by gunfire and a third whose business was hit with bullets.

The individual who died has been identified as Mario Navarro, 18, who was fatally shot during the incident. Additional victims range from 15 to 63 in age.

“This is an active investigation — as you can imagine, very fluid,” OPD said. “We’re asking anyone that may have witnessed this incident, that may have information or video pertaining to this shooting to please contact our department.”

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Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call OPD at (510) 238-3821.

Acting Oakland PD Chief Darren Allison confirmed there were multiple shooters but declined to disclose additional details related to the investigation.