DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — It was another wild scene on the streets of Oakland during illegal sideshows over the weekend. At least 250 vehicles took part in a sideshow Friday night, the Oakland Police Department said. In addition to the sideshow activity, officers also had to contend with life-threatening obstacles that included lasers, fireworks and a vehicle fire.

Nearly 80 vehicles were seized and towed as a result, police said.

“Illegal sideshow activity across the Bay Area had Oakland Police Department Officers working into the early morning hours on Saturday,” said Oakland police in a social media post. “OPD Helicopter (ARGUS) was overhead when at least 250 vehicles took over the intersection of 10th and Oak Streets on May 5.”

The latest sideshow activity comes on the heels of a man being attacked and beaten last week during a sideshow.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao says the city has a sideshow prevention plan in the works with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. However, at the sheriff’s office in Dublin, few details on that plan were available.

Recent video showed a vehicle that was engulfed in flames being rammed by another vehicle driven by someone attending an illegal sideshow at 10th and Oak streets at around 10:45 p.m. Friday night in Oakland. Oakland Police Department investigators confirm several reports of illegal sideshows throughout the city that night.

Oakland police on Facebook announced there would be additional resources on the streets over the weekend for illegal sideshow activity. Those additional resources did not include deputies from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Lt. Ty Modeste said deputies monitored around 200 vehicles gathered in San Lorenzo and South Hayward but later dispersed.

“We continued to monitor,” said Lt. Modeste. “The Hayward Police Department monitored. We did not intervene. We were pretty pleasantly surprised. They did not go ahead and initiate a sideshow. Oakland has been synonymous with sideshows for years and years. We are now seeing sideshows come into the unincorporated areas and into the suburbs.”

Officials at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office say, so far in 2023, they have not received a call from the City of Oakland for mutual aid support for sideshows.

In response to a resident being severely beaten during a recent sideshow in Oakland, Mayor Thao’s statement read in part:

“My office is currently working with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office on a robust and comprehensive plan to implement sting operations so we can crack down on illegal sideshows that continue to put our residents in harm’s way.”

We asked Lt. Modeste if the specific plan was still being developed?

“Correct!” he responded. “Specific plans that the mayor is referencing is something that, you know, is still in discussion. It is still something that’s being talked about. Is the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office dedicated to working with the Oakland Police Department, the City of Oakland to keep safety on our roads in Alameda County? We are absolutely at the table to listen and discuss what something like that looks like.”

KRON4 reached out to Mayor Thao’s office to get some clarity on the sideshow plan being worked on with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office the mayor was referencing in her statement.

We were told she was out of the city this week and unavailable.