About 27,000 North Bay customers without power

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BOYES HOT SPRINGS (KRON) – Portions of Sonoma County are experiencing blackouts on Wednesday.

If you’re living in Boyes Hot Springs, it’s a bit of a guessing game on whether you will lose power or not.

Originally PG&E alerted some 28,000 customers across Sonoma County that they would have their power off. 

There are several power poles lining Siesta Way as it approaches Highway 12. 

This entire area on both sides of the highway was originally under the potential power shut off advisory but as 3 p.m. struck, only half of that shopping center in the area was shut off, the other half stayed on.

It’s that uncertainty of will they or won’t they that leaves some pretty frustrated.

Employees of a busy shopping center off Highway 12 waited to see if they’d need to close up shop. 

“It affects us a lot because people don’t work and we don’t work we get paid by commission. We need the light,” Rebeca Mora said.

Rebeca Mora has worked at CC Beauty Salon for 15 years. 

Though their side of the shopping center still has power, they anticipated having to close and canceled nearly a dozen appointments. 

“I’m not sure exactly how much money but a couple hundred I’d say,” Mora said. 

A PG&E crew checked out the power lines on Siesta Way around 4 p.m.

They said that the five lines headed towards the mountains were shut off but the one closest to Highway 12 would remain operational. 

This would keep the power on to the gas stations and restaurants on the corner but cutting it to half the shopping center, and those living in the neighborhood just behind it. 

Ron Gaiz says by now he has things figured out as best he can, thanks especially to his neighbor’s generator.

“You can see it go over the fence, that’s what good neighbors are all about. Of course, we’re frustrated, especially since this neighborhood and this part of Boyes Hot Springs had all the electrical lines placed underground,” Gaiz said.

He’s hoping someday PG&E can break the large grid into something smaller and more controllable but for now, he plans to ride out the night with no lights. 

“Imagine truly a fire was threatening this neighborhood, that’s worse. We’re without power, do I like it? No. Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it horrible? For us, not really,” Gaiz said. 

Power is expected to be off through Thursday afternoon but it could go out again this weekend as winds are supposed to kick up and be even worse.

Gaiz says he has ordered his own generator for his house, it should arrive Friday, just in time for that next potential round of shutoffs.

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