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Accused child molester seeks reduced bail in Alameda County due to coronavirus concerns

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ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – A suspected child molester could get out of jail soon. 

He’s asking for a bail reduction because of concerns over the coronavirus.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department says if the man is released, we should all be concerned.

60-year-old Walid Hamze is accused of multiple child molestation crimes including continuous sexual abuse and lewd acts upon a child.

“This person is a prolific serial child molester and I don’t know how you can have a more dangerous individual released into the community,” Sergeant Ray Kelly said. 

However, Hamze will be in court later this week seeking a bail reduction. 

He is currently being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin after being arrested and charged with child abuse back in 2019. 

Deputy Sgt. Ray Kelly says if Hamze’s attorney’s plan to use possible exposure to COVID-19 as the reason to reduce his bail to zero, the court should take into consideration the low number of inmates with COVID-19 currently inside the jail.

“Right now there are 4 actives cases. Those cases are mild to moderate. Those patients are expected to recover. We have yet to have any serious case of somebody needing to be hospitalized. There has been no loss of life. I hope the court takes that into account when they are making these decisions to let very dangerous individuals out our jails,” Kelly said.

Walid Hamze is a Dublin resident. 

If he were to be released, this is where he would likely be placed on home confinement. 

The close proximity to several neighborhood parks and schools is a concern for Dublin Mayor David Haubert.

“When I hear that they are talking about or even considering a person with the amount of alleged crimes and the seriousness of these alleged crimes, it concerns me,” Mayor Haubert said. 

The mayor believes reducing Hamze’s bail will put Dublin residents and their children at-risk.

“We are up in arms. We’re really upset at not only zero bail and early release but when they start letting people out with crimes of this nature it is very concerning for public safety and the residents of our community,” Haubert said. 

Then there are the actual child survivors. 

Sgt. Kelly says the decision to release an alleged child molester cannot be made without considering what it would mean to them.

“It takes a tremendous amount of courage for these child victims to come forward and tell their stories. The release of this individual further victimizes them,” Kelly said. 

The sheriff’s office say they also consider Walid Hamze a flight-risk. 

Hamze’s bail reduction motion is scheduled to be argued in court on Friday.

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