Actress Felicity Huffman could serve sentence in admissions scheme at Dublin prison

Bay Area

DUBLIN (KRON) — Actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced to serve 14 days in prison after rigging her daughter’s SAT scores as part of the national college admissions scheme — and she may serve her sentence in the Bay Area. 

Huffman’s attorney asked the judge if she could serve her time at the federal correctional institution in Dublin.

 Huffman does not live in the Bay Area — which leads to the question of “why” she would want to serve her time here.

The prison in Dublin is an open air facility.

She’ll have access to a track and she can spend time outside.

The prison is minimum security.

“It’s not like ‘Orange is the New Black.’ It’s pretty cushy out there and as I said its as cushy as a jail is, which is horrible,” said criminal defense lawyer Paula Canny.

It’s not the Ritz Carlton, Canny says the federal correctional institution in dublin is about as good as it gets when it comes to prison.

Huffman’s attorney requested she spend her 14 days at this facility for non-violent offenders. 

Canny says if Huffman serves her time here, she will wear a jail uniform and won’t have much privacy, but she won’t be locked in her cell for her entire stay.

“You have fresh air. You can see birds and trees and have a fair amount of movement. During that time, she will be able to have visitors,” Canny said. “Her attorneys can come visit her. But 14 days. I’m sure she is not going to like it, but compared to Martha Stewart’s couple years, that’s pretty light.”

Canny says inmates live in a dorm and must eat their meals when they are served.

She says Patty Hearst spent some of her prison sentence at this facility as did Heidi Fleiss.

“It’s not a traditional, super lock down, super max jail facility,” Canny said.

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