Much of the Bay Area is experiencing unhealthy air conditions due to smoke from the Camp Fire which continues to burn in Butte County. 

It’s been more than a week of horrible air conditions, so why is the Bay experiencing this extended bout of bad air? 

It’s all thanks to lots of high pressure that’s still in place, according to KRON4 meteorologist John Shrable. 

This high pressure will push into the weekend and we’ll see minor improvements, especially on Sunday. 

But don’t be surprised — we will have air quality issues until Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. 

At that time, rain chances are getting closer and closer and with more certainty. 

So mark your calendars — Wednesday will be the day to see rain and improved air quality. 

That’ll also help with wildfires burning across the state. 

On Thanksgiving day, the Bay Area will get a small break from the rain, as it tapers off. We will see some on and off showers. 

Black Friday looks to be more rainy than Wednesday, so if you have plans to go shopping, make sure you’ve got your umbrella in hand. 

If you plan on crossing the Sierra, watch out for slick conditions around the holiday. 

For today, air quality isn’t likely to be as bad but come Monday and Tuesday — don’t be surprised if you continue to see hazy skies. 

Once again, Wednesday will be the day when things finally start to clear out. 

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