SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Just days before Easter, the CDC announced fully vaccinated people can feel safe traveling with a low risk on contracting the virus.

Now we’re seeing a record number of people traveling since the pandemic began.

“If everyone stays safe we’ll get through this and everyone can travel all the time.”

Travelers are starting to feel cautiously optimistic about boarding a plane again.

The Swire family headed out for their first vacation since the pandemic began more than a year ago.

“A little scary in the big picture to make sure that people are traveling safely, but I think it’s also good that people are mentally going to be in a better place hopefully and as long as everyone stays safe I think it will work out.”

The TSA checkpoint travel numbers on the Thursday and Friday leading up to Easter reached more than 1.5 million people traveling.

Compare that to the same day leading up to Easter 2020, and it was only about 100,000.

“We need to live with COVID because it’s time and we can’t sit in our homes.”

And all the travelers agree that it’s important to still take precautions.

“We’ve got two masks, we’ve got hand sanitizer, wipes, for when we get there we’re going to be very careful on the plane.”

The CDC is still discouraging travel for non-essential travel for people who aren’t yet vaccinated.

The CDC is also recommending testing before you travel and after. If you don’t get a test, you should self-quarantine.