ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Hair stylists and salon owners are calling for action as their salons remain closed.

Hair stylists and salon owners plan to come together to push for a legal opening.

Alameda County salons have been closed for months. take a look at this sign here at Flaunt Hair Designs, inviting anyone working in the Tri-Valley to tomorrow’s meeting, meanwhile stylists in other parts of the bay are taking to the streets, demanding to reopen.

Outside San Francisco City Hall Friday, hair stylists and owners holding signs urging public health officials to keep the beauty industry open.

“I’ve lost a ton of money in income and I feel like everyone else has the same situation going on,” San Francisco salon owner Anette Avila said.

San Francisco salons have been closed since mid-March.

Some stylists were able to collect unemployment but that expired Friday.

Another challenge, PPE loans are running out, only lasting eight weeks.

“All of my money I put into my business and then the money I put in to revamp it to be COVID safe is basically all out the window now since we’re now not allowed to open,” hair stylist Sara Leahy said.

This stylist says safety is top priority.

“It’s 1,600 hours of just sanitation. Stateboard doesn’t care if we know how to do hair,” Theresa Cozzette said. “They want to make sure we are safe.”

I experienced safety measures first hand while visiting Fremont Beauty College where thousands of Bay Area stylists trained for their cosmetology license.

“We study health, safety, disinfection, sanitation for cosmetologists with health and safety keeping that in mind,” Sunita Sharma said.

Just like salons, the school is closed.

Sharma knows all too well about the losses in the beauty industry, she owns and runs a threading salon next door.

“You know they’re fighting for their rights,” Sharma said. “They know they are fully equipped and they can open their salons, we can all open our salons and as well as our schools.”

Governor Gavin Newsom is allowing salons to open only if they can provide services outdoors with restrictions.

But San Francisco and Alameda counties are not and even if the day comes to allow outdoor services.

“It’s very, very difficult to be honest because we have so much equipment,” Sharma said. “We have a lot of electrical wires.”

Public health officials consider salons moderate to high risk because of close contact but health officials in Missouri reports two stylists tested positive for COVID-19 but did not pass it on to their clients because they wore masks.

Meantime, the meeting here at flaunt hair deigns will take place Saturday at noon to discus plans to push for safe re-openings.

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