(KRON) — An Alameda County man is accused of violating his estranged partner’s restraining order when he threatened to kill her for cheating, investigators said.

Jose Terra allegedly stabbed and punched the woman before he kidnapped her on August 26. “An in-person meeting between Terra and his estranged partner allegedly turned violent after accusing the victim of cheating on him,” the District Attorney’s Office wrote.

Terra held the victim hostage inside his home for a week until she was able to escape, investigators said.

This week, the district attorney charged Terra with six felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and corporal injury to a partner. Terra was also charged for violating a court order to keep away from the victim, a misdemeanor.

District Attorney Pamela Price said, “We have zero tolerance for domestic violence and any kind of violence in Alameda County. If you are found guilty of abusing and traumatizing a partner, you will be held accountable.”

If convicted on all charges, Terra could serve eight years in prison.