ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — Alameda High School called for a shelter-in-place Thursday afternoon after a falsely reported intruder. The scare came two days after there were two intruders at the school on Tuesday.

The intruder was reported on Thursday at 2:50 p.m., the Alameda Unified School District said. After the report, Alameda police were called to the school and a message was sent out to students, staff and parents.

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Police swept the school’s campus, determining there was no intruder and no threat of one.

“All students and staff were safe throughout this incident. While we are relieved that this was a false alarm, we know that many of you may feel unsettled by recent events,” Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi said.

On Tuesday, a man entered the school, touched one student’s face, and asked to kiss two others. A teacher followed him out of the school, and he was arrested the next day.

Earlier that day, a former student entered the school and began to act “erratically,” the school district said. That man was taken into the principal’s office and later removed from the school.