ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — Police in the City of Alameda are cracking down on retail thefts ahead of the holidays and, in some cases, catching thieves in the act.

Shoppers should expect to see more officers in and around retail stores through the holiday shopping season as Alameda PD officers make the rounds around retail stores. They’re keeping an eye out for thieves filling and running out with carts without paying.

They are also walking the aisles and catching thieves in the act, a strategy that is saving businesses money.

“They’ve expressed the desire to have the officers here in their stores. and, so, working collaboratively with them, we’ve made sure that we have officers, when available, to help support them,” said Lieutenant Alan Kuboyama.

Lieutenant Kuboyama says uniformed officers are supplemented with officers in plain clothes, adding though, that it’s important shoppers are aware police are nearby. It’s also helpful to report crimes in progress.

“Some of the more common things that we see are large bags with perhaps some cutting instrument,” Kuboyama said. “People that are putting items into a large bag and maybe going to a corner or maybe the fitting rooms. Those are usually key indicators of a theft that might be in progress.”

Shoppers say an increased police presence during the holidays makes them feel more comfortable heading out.

“What happens when there are no consequences? You’re gonna keep stealing,” said shopper Lois Hicks.

“I really praise the cops for doing the job that they’re doing, but they got their hands full,” added shopper George Lingenfelter.

And, that will likely be the case through the holiday shopping season.