ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) – In the East Bay, some quick actions by first responders saved a baby’s life. Doctors say the steps taken at that critical moment in time essential were as the baby had stopped breathing. 

It was Saturday afternoon in a Target parking lot in Alameda. Police say a mom out shopping on a Saturday afternoon went to get her six week old baby boy out of the car seat and saw he wasn’t breathing.

Lieutenant for the Alameda City Police Erik Klaus told KRON4 one of their officers was a mere block away when they received the call, “upon arrival, he saw the mom and dad with the trunk open performing CPR. He immediately jumped into action and started CPR on the child with the mother who was giving rescue breaths.”

Additional calls went out and more responses came in. Lieutenant Klaus says, “a second officer arrived. The child was still not responsive. Another officer and trainee arrived and they assisted and started to get a reaction from the child.”

Minutes later, the fire department responded, Lieutenant Klause told KRON4, “the fire department transported the child to the medical center, they did all they could to keep the child alive.”

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The Lieutenant, who is a father himself, said he is extremely proud of how everyone stepped up.

“It isn’t a call anyone wants, but they know in those circumstances they need to step it up,” he said, adding, “our fire department went beyond, the mother didn’t delay, she knew she needed to take action. I think the actions taken by all involved saved this child’s life.”

As for the baby, the lieutenant says he spoke with the father and “they are beyond grateful and their child is doing well and back home.”