SAN LEANDRO (KRON) – Police confirmed to KRON4 that one person was shot in a San Leandro neighborhood. He is alive, and police are trying to get more information from him, while looking through the evidence they found at the scene to find out what happened moments before.

The shooting happened around midnight and Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy cars crowded Carolyn Street near Wellington Way where the shooting happened.

It’s just off Highway 580 near Fairmont Terrace Park. There are plenty of homes in the area.

Deputies blocked off the streets with crime scene tape as they canvassed the scene for any clues.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s office has been there since around midnight when shots rang out.

According to a witness, a person was shot in the chest.  

The victim is alive. KRON4 reached out to the sheriff’s office to ask if deputies are looking for the shooter, but has not heard back yet.