(KRON) – Alexis Gabe’s car was returned to her parents this past weekend nearly nine months after she went missing. Authorities believe the East Bay woman was killed, but her body still has not been found. 

“When I sat there, I thought of all the memories,” Gabe’s mother Rowena said. “It is bittersweet because it is a car and not her.”

The car had been in FBI custody ever since the 24-year-old from Oakley disappeared on Jan. 26. Donations have been pouring in to help find her —  including $11,000 to pay off the car from the bank.  

The car is now clean and decorated with mementos, including a teddy bear, a turtle and flowers. Gabe went missing after visiting her boyfriend Marshall Jones in Antioch.

Police said evidence found in Jones’ home and DNA from Gabe’s broken phone tossed in a field identified Jones as the suspect. Jones was killed in Seattle in June during a confrontation with police. Investigators say Jones left behind a note mentioning traveling to Amador County but searches have come up empty.  The Gabes are depending on the public to bring their daughter home.

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“We want to give her a funeral, proper funeral. So we are asking for whatever help we can get,” Alexis’ father Gwynn Gabe said.

Money has also come in to buy the bounty to find Alexis.  A cash reward of $100,000 is now available for the person that finds her body.