(KRON) — After more than a year of searching and waiting, Alexis Gabe’s remains have now been given over to her family. The Gabe family has scheduled public and private events to celebrate her life later this month.

Gabe disappeared in January of 2022. Her family and hundreds of members of the public spent the following months scouring various wooded places in the Plymouth area in hopes of finding any sign of her.

The first of Gabe’s remains was found in November 2022. Gabe’s family announced in March of this year that more partial remains belonging to her had also been found by volunteers searching off Highway 49 near Amador City. Amador County and Contra Costa County both needed to complete an autopsy and forensic tests before returning the remains to her family.

A one-day memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 17 at Diablo Valley Cremation & Funeral Services in Concord, and members of the public are welcome. Gabe’s remains will be held in a sealed cremation casket.

Gwyn Gabe, Alexis Gabe’s father, wrote in a social media post, “This would be the perfect time for you to say goodbye to Alexis, especially if you were unable to attend her celebration of life in January.”

The family also says the public is welcome to follow the funeral procession on June 19 to the Castro Valley Crematory, but only family members will be allowed inside of the crematorium. “We would like Alexis all to ourselves on her final day. We hope you understand,” the family says.

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The Gabe family anticipates a court battle on the horizon. Contra Costa County District Attorney previously told the family that she would consider charges against Alicia Coleman-Clark, the mother of Gabe’s suspected killer, if remains were recovered.

The police timeline says that two days after Gabe was killed, Marshall Curtis Jones drove to his mother’s house and placed “several large, heavy garbage bags” on her property. He and his mother then went to buy a new phone, police said.

Surveillance cameras at Coleman-Clark’s house show Jones loading the bags back into his car, all while his mother hosted a karaoke party inside. Jones was shot and killed by police after he fled to Seattle during the investigation.

Coleman-Clark was arrested and then released shortly after, and the DA declined to file any charges against her at that time. The Oakley Police Department later confirmed in a press conference that they considered Gabe’s death a homicide, and the sole suspect was Jones.

KRON4 reached out to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office for an update on the Coleman-Clark case. The DA’s Office did not immediately respond for comment.