MARTINEZ, Calif. (KRON) — Family, friends, and supporters of Alexis Gabe held a demonstration outside the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office Friday demanding that prosecutors file criminal charges against the mother of Gabe’s alleged killer.

Police said the 24-year-old Oakley woman was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones, inside his Antioch home January 26. Her body has never been found, and details released from the Antioch Police Department’s investigation suggest that Jones’ mother played a role in helping him, according to Gabe’s father.

Gabe’s father, Gwyn Gabe, wrote, “The person who helped or assisted Marshall Jones and tried to cover up what he had done was his mother, Alicia Coleman Clark. She also knows where Marshall hid the body of Alexis Gabe but she is not cooperating. She’s an accessory to her son’s crime.”

More than 10,000 signed an online petition this week calling on District Attorney Diana Becton to file charges against Clark. For Friday’s rally outside Becton’s office, demonstrators held up signs with photographs of Clark’s mug shot.

Alexis Gabe’s mother and father hold up signs for Friday’s demonstration outside the DA’s Office. (Image courtesy Gwyn Gabe)

The mug shot was taken on May 19, when Clark was arrested by the Oakley Police Department on suspicion of Penal Code 32. PC 32 is defined as knowingly harboring, concealing, or aiding a criminal to protect the person from arrest, trial and conviction.

Clark was later released from jail and no charges were filed by prosecutors. The District Attorney’s Office did not respond to KRON4’s request for comment on Friday.

Alexis Gabe
Alexis Gabe vanished on January 26, 2022. (Photo courtesy Help Bring Alexis Gabe Home / Facebook)

Jones was fatally shot by police in June when officers attempted to arrest him in Washington. A timeline reconstructed by a joint law enforcement investigation detailed Jones’ activities and whereabouts between the night Gabe vanished and his deadly clash with police.

Gabe’s parents said they were horrified by one part of the timeline in particular, when Jones drove to his mother’s house on Jan. 28 and surveillance cameras recorded him as he unloaded large garbage bags onto his mother’s property. Hours later, he re-loaded the garbage bags back into his Ford Explorer while his mother was inside her house hosting a karaoke party.

“Seeing those black garbage bags was the most horrifying thing we have ever seen. It was the most horrible feeling for a parent to see something like this happen to their child. She didn’t deserve this,” Gabe’s parents wrote.

Gwyn Gabe said Jones was his daughter’s “first love” and they dated for three years. The couple broke up two months before she vanished. Detectives determined that Gabe visited Jones at his house the night of January 26.

After Jones died, police said one of Jones’ friends came forward and revealed a phone conversation they had in January. “Marshall told the friend that he was thinking about killing Alexis and wanted to know where the best place to hide a body would be. The friend and Marshall decided the best place to dispose of a body would be by placing it in a septic tank or burying the body in a forest,” Gabe’s father told KRON4.

The friend thought Jones was joking about wanting to kill Alexis Gabe, according to Antioch police.

Jones never gave police much information. “Marshall Jones was very uncooperative during our joint investigation. He refused to speak with us several times,” Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard said.

“Marshal Curtis Jones is dead, but the doesn’t mean the investigation into Alexis’ murder is dead,” Gwyn Gabe told KRON4 Friday. “Someone helped him and that someone is his mother.”