PETALUMA (KRON) – Helen Putnam Park is one of all the parks in Sonoma County that are now closed starting today to prevent people from gathering together when they should be social distancing.

Over the weekend, the weather was nice and everyone had the same idea – to hit the beach, trails, picnic sites, and other outdoor common areas.

County, state, and city parks could be seen packed across the Bay Area – which meant people did not keep a safe 6 feet of distance from one another or shelter-in-place at home.

In that statewide order, you are allowed to get exercise outside and walk your dog.

But now, Governor Gavin Newsom as well as city and county leaders are having to get stricter.

The governor has shut down three dozen state parking lots to prevent people from mass gathering at state parks and beaches.

Counties like Marin and Sonoma have taken it a step further.

Instead of going to a park, health officials say it’s best you get exercise near where you live, a walk or bike around the block is best.

Then you can quickly head back inside to continue sheltering in place, which will remain in effect until further notice.

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