SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A popular park in the South Bay remained closed Friday night. It was first shut down back in January after powerful winter storms caused widespread damage to the park, and after more wild weather events, there is no timeline on when the park might reopen.

With locks on the gate, and signs that say “Danger,” Alum Rock Park in San Jose has been closed since January.

“We’re hoping to open the park soon to hikers, bikers, and walkers for the time being, and we plan for the entering and exiting of the park to be one way in and out,” said Daniel Lazo, the City of San Jose’s public information manager. 

Lazo says there is still road damage, landslides, and mudslides happening inside the park from recent storms. 

KRON4 had gotten a tour of the park in January. There were mudslides down streets and boulders the size of washing machines blocking the roads.

And with another storm expected next week, there could be more damage. Lazo says storm-related damage has cost the city of San Jose $31 million.

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Nearly two-thirds of that 19 million is from damage at Alum Rock Park. For now, Lazo is asking the public for patience. 

“There is still a fair number of trespassing during this closure. It’s extremely dangerous for those people trying to get into the park,” he said.