FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KRON) — Animal advocates take their fight to Foster City as the local government considers killing off some of the city’s geese.

City leaders say, the birds’ population has exploded over the last few years and their droppings at parks and in waterways have become a health concern.

Local leaders have become worried over the growing canada geese population in the city.

They say the number of birds has jumped to more than 300 over the last year and they expect those numbers to go even higher.

The city council is considering population control through lethal removal.

A statement to KRON4 from Foster City Government reads in part:

“This excessive concentration poses potential health risks to both Foster City residents and visitors/users of our parks and waterways. Lagoon water quality testing regularly shows high E.coli levels partly attributed to goose droppings among other factors…”

Activists say geese removal is cruel and instead of spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on this plan they city should try other solutions.

Canada geese are federally protected under the migratory bird treaty act meaning the city cannot kill or capture the animals without federal authorization.

The city says non-lethal methods such as fogging, dog hazing and strobe lights have not worked.

City officials say so far they have not received the necessary federal permits to move forward with killing the birds. They are encouraging people to continue to give their input over the coming weeks and months.