OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Former Oakland Police Department Chief Anne Kirkpatrick said in an interview with KRON4 Friday that she is open to returning to OPD as interim chief. Kirkpatrick’s comments come after chief LeRonne Armstrong was placed on administrative leave Thursday.

“If there was a need for an interim of course I would return to Oakland in a heartbeat,” she said. “That’s how much I very much enjoyed being in Oakland.”

Kirkpatrick was fired from her position as OPD’s chief in February 2020. She later won a $1.5 million settlement after filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. She became the city’s first female police chief when she was appointed in 2017.

Her lawsuit alleged that she was fired for exposing the corruption and abuse of power of the Oakland Police Commission. The suit said that the commission abused its power and frequently abused and harassed OPD staff, among other misconduct.

At trial in May 2022, Kirkpatrick asked for more than $3 million in economic damages and payments for emotional distress. The City of Oakland denies any wrongdoing or liability.

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Armstrong was placed on leave after a lawsuit unveiled multiple instances of misconduct by an OPD sergeant. According to court documents, the sergeant caused a hit-and-run crash, fired his gun in an OPD building and did not report either incident.

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