(KRON) — A “very large cat” was spotted in San Mateo Sunday evening, according to the San Mateo Police Department. Initial reports indicated the cat was a mountain lion, however a subsequent update suggested it may have been a bobcat.

“Consensus of the experts on Facebook is it’s a bobcat,” San Mateo PD said. “Still a very large cat walking the neighborhood, which caused alarm.”

The sighting occurred around 6:26 p.m. in a backyard on the 4000 block of Kingridge Drive.

The animal was seen in the backyard and then a parking lot before disappearing, likely back into its habitat, police said.

“Apparently, bobcats aren’t as aggressive as mountain lions and are smaller with shorter tails,” police said, “but we still wouldn’t want to cross paths with one.”

Sunday’s sighting followed a similar event on Friday morning, when a mountain lion was spotted in the area of Vanessa Drive and South Grant Street. In that instance, the big cat was seen roaming in the backyard of a home before another sighting near the Crossroads San Mateo shopping center.