NOVATO (KRON) – Anti-Semitic flyers were recently discovered in a North Bay community.

Now, the mayor is speaking up, along with a community group, denouncing the hate speech.  

“Our residents saw it, pulled it down and this type of speech is not to be tolerated in our town, in Novato,” Mayor Eric Lucan said. ​

Mayor Eric Lucan is talking about the flyer posted at several locations, including a Safeway in Novato and whose image was published in Jewish News of California over the weekend.  

The mayor met with KRON4, along with Nancy Webber, who is the chairperson of the steering committee for an organization called ‘Not In Our Town.’ ​

“We formed last year in Novato, we are part of the larger organization and we are residents, police, schools and we are working for a united area that is inclusive, not exclusive to build,” Webber said. 

Both say now, more than ever it is important to take a stand.

“You see the gun violence, but it is more than that. We see these microaggressions and we need to speak out and we are speaking out about and against it,’ Webber said. 

“I have been very impressed with Novato, that everyone is on the same page,” Lucan said.

Mayor Lucan and Webber talked about how they are working with community members to promote tolerance. ​

“We have had meetings, we have been active,” Webber said.

“I recommend everyone do the pledge and if it is not in your community, then check out the national organization and take the pledge,” Lucan said.​

The Novato Police Department is investigating the case. 

Besides the Safeway, posters were also reportedly found at a local high school.