ANTIOCH, CALIF. (KRON) – A local Christian missionary group is stuck in Niger after a coup took over the government. Politicians are working to get them back home safely while family members wait anxiously for an update.

The group from Cornerstone Christian School in Antioch took off on July 20 for Niger’s capital city, Niamey. They were supposed to be back by now, but all fifteen people are still stuck abroad after a coup took over the government, grounding flights.

School principal Logan Heyer says his wife and daughter are both part of the missionary group in Niger.

This is the second team they’ve sent to the country to help build schools and churches. Principal Heyer says he has been in contact with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office to help bring them home.

“They have made sure that the embassy knows our team is there and has all their information, and if something changes where they need to get out I’ve been told they will include them if the U.S. decides to do that,” Heyer said. 

Congressman John Garamendi, who represents Antioch, is also working on helping the missionary group.

“My team is working closely with the state department and the constituents to get them home safely,” he told KRON4. “However, I cannot share additional details at this time due to operational security issues.”

U.S. Secretary Antony Blinken tweeted this: “Today, we ordered the temporary departure of non-emergency personnel and eligible family members from Niger. The U.S. is committed to our relationship with the people of Niger. The embassy remains open, and our leaders are diplomatically engaged at the highest levels.”