(KRON) — A Contra Costa County District Attorney investigation revealed that Antioch Police Department officers used racist language in text messages, the DA’s office said. The officers allegedly made the comments when talking about suspects whom the officers were investigating.

The DA’s office worked with the FBI to investigate officers from APD and the Pittsburg Police Department. The offenses that were being investigated include “moral turpitude,” the DA said.

The misconduct found by the investigation affected a charged felony case. The DA’s office said the messages included “unambiguously and historically racist speech.”

“The racial animus expressed by officers in the recovered text messages trigger additional statutory concerns under the Racial Justice Act,” the DA’s office said.

Contra Costa Superior Court Judge Clare Maier said the texts will be revealed to the defense in the impacted case.

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Eight officers are under investigation, including one who resigned. Other Antioch officers were placed on administrative leave in connection with a separate investigation being conducted by the City of Antioch.