(KRON) — A sideshow outside a restaurant in Antioch resulted in a car crashing into the San Joaquin river nearby early Sunday morning, according to the Antioch Police Department.

The sideshow took place at the Marina and Smith’s Landing parking lot sometime before 3 a.m. One vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant nearby, shearing through it and breaking the water main below. Another vehicle ended up in the river, APD said.

APD called Contra Costa County Fire to the scene, and the crowd dispersed throughout the area. Medical crews treated two men and one woman for injuries before taking them to a local hospital. Video from the scene shows several mangled vehicles and patients being treated for injuries.

Another crash happened at 10th and G streets. A suspect caused a crash before attempting to flee the scene, but he was apprehended by authorities, police said. Two other citizens were also injured in that crash.

CoCo Fire says the submerged vehicle was retrieved by authorities on Sunday morning. Video shows the vehicle as it is dragged out of the water in daylight hours.