CUPERTINO, Calif. (KRON) – Tech giant Apple is among the first big named companies, now putting the brakes on bringing workers back to the office. 

Apple Computer is among the first large companies to take additional action to guard against the further spread of COVID-19 variants.

The Cupertino-based computer giant is reportedly delaying its office re-opening by at least a month, to October.  

Apple says it will provide employees at least a month’s notice before mandating a return to the office.

Apple is also said to be recommending that workers at its retail stores wear masks. 

Analysts suspect other companies will follow suit amid growing concern about bringing workers back to the office too soon, says San Jose State University Business School Professor Mark Schwartz.

Facebook reiterated a policy announced last month that it is tracking toward opening most U.S. offices at 50-percent of capacity by early September and likely re-opening fully in October.  

The highly transmissible Delta variant, blamed for a doubling of cases nationwide from a low point last month, has companies rethinking plans out of an abundance of caution, says Professor Schwartz.