CUPERTINO, Calif. (KRON) – As of Monday, Apple requires employees to be in the office not once, but twice a week. The change could impact some nearby businesses.

At the Duke of Edinburgh Bar and Restaurant, one of the owners, Stan Gamble, said people are slowly trickling in. Since the pandemic began, Gamble said business has been down 70 percent. 

“It was pretty busy, but we did used to open for lunch,” he said. “We don’t open for lunch now until 4:00 p.m.”

One long-time customer, Eric Crutchlow, showed KRON4 a picture of how packed the bar was before COVID-19. Now, as Apple employees are returning to work, he says it’s lively again.

“People decided to come in and just have a good time,” he said. “This has been great.”

Gamble is vowing to stay open as Apple employees trick back in.