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Apple store theft involving U-Haul truck, foiled by burglary system

Berkeley police are investigating an early morning attempt to break into an Apple store on Thursday. 

According to the Berkeley Police Department, around 3:30 a.m. a U-Haul truck smashed into the front doors of an Apple store on 4th Street. 

The collision triggered a burglary alarm and officers arrived a short time late, but the driver of the truck had already fled the scene empty-handed. 

Several hours later, the store reopened and the broken glass had been removed. 

Officers are trying to identify the suspects by tracking down the person who rented the U-Haul truck. 

A similar incident happened back in 2014 when a car smashed through the front of the store. In that case, the driver made it through the security gate and proceeded to steal several items. 



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