CUPERTINO, Calif. (KRON) – Apple’s annual worldwide developers conference is back in person. The company’s first in-person event in two years unveiled new software upgrades and products. 

The conference usually just showcases the next version of its operating systems, but new Macbook computers were revealed on Monday. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also made an appearance at the conference.

Using the video player above, you can see Apple’s new Macbook Air,  powered by the company’s own second-generation M2 chip. It’s thinner, lighter, and faster, and will be available in July.

“I think the new Macbook Air looks great – super slim, super cool-looking,” Bob O’Donnell, Apple’s president of ‘technalysis.’ “People are really going to like that. People are always looking for new hardware, something they can gravitate to.”

O’Donnell said Apple hit some basic, but key changes to its software and products. The new Apple Watch upgrade coming this fall will allow users to track their medications.

“Medication is a big part of people’s lives. And the other thing it says to me, taking watch devices and making of interest to older people as well,” he said.

iPhone users can upgrade their phone this fall with i.O.S16. One of the biggest changes is that it will allow additional ways to customize a lock screen – including mini-apps that will show notifications.

Also, if you ever send an email or text with a typo, you’ll soon be able to re-send it.

“Everybody has had that experience, so everybody’s like ‘Thank God,’” O’Donnell said.