Are safe injection sites in SF the proper solution? Not everyone says yes


Not everyone in San Francisco is in support of safe injection sites. 

KRON4 spoke to Rick Andreotti, vice president of the SF Police Officer’s Association.

While he’s happy the city is concerned for people’s well-being, he doesn’t think this is the right way to stop the drug epidemic. 

“Is this the proper solution? We don’t believe so,” Andreotti said. 

On street corners, on sidewalks, and on BART trains, people in San Francisco are exposed to the heavy drug use happening across the city. 

“It’s kind of sad to see needles whether they are capped or the needle itself is exposed. I see parents taking their young kids to school in the morning. Now school is back in session and as a parent in my mind I think I wouldn’t even want my child’s shoes to be on this sidewalk,” said Andreotti. 

Just a few months ago, we watched as city paramedics picked up nearly 1,000 needles in less than an hour. 

While Andreotti understands there is a problem here, he says safe injection sites will not be the answer, and thinks they will ultimately bring more addicts into the city to use the sites. 

“We are concerned that an increase, or influx of addicts in San Francisco, will cause an increase in petty crimes, quality of life issues and we all know that’s a major issue in San Francisco,” Andreotti said. 

The safe injection site model at Glide Memorial Church is open for the public to view again on Thursday and Friday. 



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