OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) – A man with a gun slapped someone near an elementary school in Oakley, police stated.

The man was reported near the front office of Vintage Elementary School at 12:29 p.m. Oct. 19. Police released a picture later Wednesday from security footage of the person they believe to be the attacker.

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“The Oakley Police Department flooded the area with our officers and we continue to remain on scene investigating,” police stated via Facebook. “The officers who are on scene have determined the man with the gun is no longer at the school and our officers are providing security for the normally scheduled school drop-off time. The suspect has been described as a Black male adult, 40 years old, wearing a hat, black hoodie, black pants and blue latex gloves.”

Police gave an update later Oct. 19 stating that “this WAS NOT an incident of somebody coming to the school to intentionally inflict harm on the children.”

“Our investigation has revealed this incident likely spawned from a domestic relationship and child custody issue where a third party was introduced into the conflict,” a Facebook post stated. “Our victim did not recognize the attacker and we continue to investigate the possible identity of the attacker. The children of the victim will not be attending school for the next few days until best, or alternative, arrangements can be made.”

This is an ongoing investigation, police reitorated.