SANTA ROSA (KRON) – A 24-year-old Santa Rosa man who was arrested due to gun law violations was using social media applications to seek sex with underage girls, police claim.

The investigation into Luis Morales-Vargas started last month, according to a press release, which stated that the property crimes team “developed information that an adult male in Santa Rosa was possibly trafficking firearms.”

The property crimes team executed a search warrant and arrested Morales-Vargas at work Aug. 4. In his vehicle, they found a loaded, concealed, unregistered glock handgun, and in his home they found an assault rifle, the press release states. Based on these seizures, he was arrested on felony charges of carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possession of an assault weapon.

During the investigation, detectives “located evidence that Morales-Vargas was sending obscene/harmful material to minors, contacting minors for sexual acts, and arranging meetings to have sex with minors,” the press release continued.

The minors were each girls “in their early teens.” This discovery led to the assistance of the sexual assault and domestic violence team, and led to new felony charges of sending harmful material to a minor, contacting a minor for sex acts, abnormal sexual interest in children and using a minor for sex.