TIBURON, Calif. (KRON) — An investigation is underway Friday night after a Tiburon man was robbed at gunpoint. Police say the man was followed home after withdrawing money from an ATM.

Investigators say the suspects were later arrested, but this is a warning about being aware when withdrawing money.

Police say two suspects targeted a man at a Bank of America ATM at Strawberry Village in Mill Valley and followed him to his Tiburon apartment near Janet Way and Andrew Drive.

“I can’t believe that they would do that, but I do believe that they would do that, but it’s kind of sad for the person that it happened to. Scary to say the least,” one Mill Valley resident said.

People who use the ATM frequently say they have never felt unsafe when withdrawing money. However, after hearing about the robbery, they’re on alert.

“I think these kinds of things are becoming more common and it’s not exclusive to a certain city or neighborhood. I think it’s anywhere and everywhere,” the Mill Valley resident said.

One longtime Tiburon resident says people in this community should not have to live in terror.

“I’m so sorry for his experience and his fear and the threat against him,” she said.

Tiburon police say while the robber demanded the $500 dollars in cash from the victim — a shot was fired. They say a ricochet bullet fragment could be responsible for a cut to the victim’s knee.

After stealing the man’s money, the suspects were caught on video driving away in a red Kia.

Police later found the suspects in Richmond and took them into custody. Police departments across the Bay Area have been warning about atm related robberies.

Warnings include:

-Scanning the area and watching for suspicious people or activities
-Use ATMs located inside the bank
-Following your withdrawal, put cash away immediately
-When leaving an ATM, make sure you’re not being followed

Tips some ATM users are already following: look around, stay in your car and go to another ATM.