SAN MATEO (KRON) — The possibility of having armed security patrol the campuses of community colleges is now being looked at in San Mateo.

The idea comes from an independent consultant who did a comprehensive review of the campuses within the San Mateo Community College District, which includes Skyline College, Canada College and the College of San Mateo.

It’s one of 70 suggestions to improve safety. 

More than half of the recommendations have been adopted, but the concept of having security with guns on campus is still being studied.  

At this point there is no plan to create their own campus police force.

Instead they are studying the model of contracting with local law enforcement to have school resource officers assigned to them.

In the wake of three mass shootings in just over a week, the reaction of students at Skyline to the idea of cops on campus is mixed.

One member of the school district’s board of trustees told KRON4 he’s keeping an open mind about the idea, but says they need more data before deciding.  

The board president says he’s concerned, especially about the impact it would have on black, brown and undocumented students and their abilty to getting an education free from bias and anxiety that might result with police presence on campus.

He says there are other items on the list of recommendations he would prefer to see instead, like insuring working cell phone towers in the area, upgraded lighting on campus and making sure local law enforcement has updated campus plans at the ready in case of an emergency situation.