(KRON) — An arrest warrant has been issued for an Oakland Police Department officer who has been charged with perjury and threatening witnesses, among other things. The officer, Phong Tran, is a 46-year-old man. Tran is wanted on a no-bail warrant.

Officer Tran is wanted for committing perjury on the stand, according to Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price.

Offenses that officer is wanted for include:

  • Perjury under oath
  • Threatening witnesses
  • Defendant induced participation in crime
  • Bribery of witness
  • Attempted bribery of witness

“Lying and manipulating a witness are serious violations of the public trust, and Officer Tran will be held accountable,” said DA Price in a statement. “When the integrity of a conviction is at issue in one case, it raises questions in every other case that officer has investigated. The people of Alameda County need to have confidence in the criminal justice system, and these charges are a step toward regaining that trust.”

The DA’s office will need to review at least 125 cases that Officer Tran investigated in his capacity as a homicide investigator, according to the DA.

“Today, the Oakland Police Department was made aware that an arrest warrant was issued for one of our officers,” said OPD in an official statement. “The department is fully cooperating with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.”

The warrant for Tran’s arrest is dated April 24, 2023.