SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (KRON) — Asians of all ethnicities throughout the country are being blamed for the coronavirus and have seen a rise in hate crimes against them.

San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting spoke to KRON 4 about the rise of hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

“What we’re hearing just anecdotally is people getting accosted and frankly being blamed for this coronavirus,” Ting said. “It’s absolutely getting physical.”

Although no official data at this time, more people have come forward about experiencing hate crimes.

“If people are wondering could it happen here in San Francisco,” Ting said. “Yes, it is happening here in San Francisco.”

Report It

Chinese For Affirmative Action in San Francisco and The Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council in Los Angeles started a website to report if you’ve experienced a COVID-19 related incident.

If physically assaulted you’re encouraged to call your local law enforcement first to report it.

Assemblyman Ting encourages if you’ve experienced a hate crime to report it in an effort to keep track of incidents.

“This is a time where we as a community really should be coming together,” Ting said.