SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – BART police are investigating the brutal beating of an Asian woman.

She was punched in the face several times by the suspect who stole her phone and ran off.

A BART ride to work for one woman ended with a trip to the hospital.

She shared pictures of the injuries she suffered Tuesday morning with community organizer Max Leung.

Injuries she says were caused by a young African American man.

BART police say the suspect approached the victim on a northbound train between the 16th and Civic Center stations.

Leung says the man punched the victim several times in the face before stealing her phone and some other stuff, then running off.

“It all happened so, so fast that there wasn’t any way that anybody could intervene,” Leung said. 

Witnesses helped her get to a hospital. She is back home recovering now.

BART says there is no indication that this was a hate crime but Leung says Black on Asian attacks are becoming all too common.

“The relationship between the Asian and African American community — there definitely needs to be a lot of healing and communication, and intentional work towards solidarity and unity,” Leung said. 

Leanna Louie agrees — She founded the United Peace Collaborative, a group of volunteers that patrol San Francisco’s Chinatown.

“One of the things we’re trying to do as an organization is to work with other communities of color. We’ve been invited to several African American churches just to share our time with them,” Louie said. 

Max Leung says the victim is in good spirits but is fearful of another attack.