Attorneys of sinking Millennium Tower condo owners say proposal to fix problem is not a solution

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Attorneys representing condo owners in the sinking Millennium Tower say the latest proposal to fix the problem is not a solution.

They want to stabilize one side of the building to let the other side sink until it levels off.

But this plan could be more expensive than it was to build the actual tower, and it’ll take years before they know if it even works.

There’s a lot of unknown in this proposal.

An attorney KRON4 spoke with says while it might stabilize the building — it doesn’t fix the problem.

“It’s sort of astonishing that this could occur. It was billed as one of the 10 best luxury condominiums in the world. It was supposed to be the top of the line and the best of the best,” said Attorney Eric Buescher who represents 85 Millennium Tower condo owners.

But instead, this 58-story condo building is sinking, and not just a little — but a lot!

Now a proposal to fix the problem is worrying some of the owners.

“It is designed to prevent the building from sinking any further than it already has and may in 5, 6, or 7 years from now mean that the building tilts less than it does today but this is something that’s never been done before on a building of this size and magnitude,” said Buescher.

The proposal, which could cost more than what it cost to build the tower itself, calls for piles to be drilled into the bedrock to stabilize one side of the building and let the other continue to sink until it all straightens out.

The problem is, the tower has already sunk 17 inches, and as you can see with this marble rolling on the floor, it’s tilting 14 inches to the west and 6 inches to the north and that movement hasn’t stopped.

So what’s to say this proposal will even work?

“If they start work tomorrow we won’t know for several years what the outcome is and whether or not that will be something that will protect the building,” said Buescher. “This stabilizes the building, stops the problem from getting worse but does not fix it and does not restore that lost value going forward for all of the people that spent all of their money and all of their savings to own a piece of that tower.”

KRON4 is told contractors are already working with the city to get permits for this proposal.

We contacted the attorney representing the Homeowners Association but have not heard back.



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