SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – It is still unclear what schools will look like this coming fall but officials in Santa Clara County are trying to get a head start to keep their residents informed. 

“We want all students and teachers to return to school as soon as possible and under the safest possible conditions,” Dr. Sara Cody said. 

The county of Santa Clara Public Health Department and County Office of Education tried to bring some clarity to county residents on the protocols for reopening schools this fall. 

A lot is still up in the air but in the Alum Rock School District, the superintendent is pretty sure what it will look like.

“The majority of the learning is going to be virtual. Even in a gradual reopening of who we might bring back because that is the best way to teach that student population will be in a gradual mode and we need to be very mindful and monitor how the instincts of how COVID-19 is evolving in our community,” Dr. Hilaria Bauer said. 

Of course, with the ever changing landscape of our current society, things can all change very quickly.

“What you are asking me today and the way I am going to respond to you today is going to be significantly different next week or two weeks from now because we keep seeing incidents of COVID-19 in Santa Clara spiking,” Bauer said. 

Dr. Cody said on Tuesday that the opening of schools for in person teaching will be dictated by each of the 32 school districts in San Jose County and Alum Rock is one that has been hit the hardest.

“You are interviewing the superintendent that has zip codes with the highest cases of COVID-19. I think that my response is going to be significantly different than other superintendents whose schools aren’t at the same level of contagion,” Bauer said. 

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