Bad gas at Newark Shell Station causes expensive car damages

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Several Bay Area drivers are frustrated dealing with thousands of dollars in car repair fees after they unknowingly filled up their tanks with bad gas.

It all happened at a Shell gas station in Newark. Pumps are back open but business is a bit slow at the gas station on the corner of Newark Boulevard and Jarvis Avenue.

On Saturday, several customers who got their gas here say their cars stalled just a few minutes after leaving.

One man says this was the last thing he and his fiance needed just two and a half weeks before their wedding.

Carlos Garcia is just 20 days away from getting married. He says his dad was driving his car when it completely stalled on the freeway.

“He called and said your car just stopped and I said what? Did you put diesel in it? And he said no, no I didn’t,” Garcia said.

Garcia says he’s looking at upwards of $4,000 in repair costs.

According to Shell, once the gas station owners learned of the issue Saturday they ceased operation at the impacted pumps.

On Monday, the pumps were all back open but only serving premium gas.

They say they haven’t gotten official confirmation of what happened, but they believe there may be a puncture of some sort, that caused some brine from around the underground tanks to sink into the gasoline.

However, the owner of Fremont Foreign Auto Shop says, it looks like Diesel may have been accidentally put in the tank.

Eduardo Porta has been working on cars since he was 13-years-old. He says repairing a car with bad gas is a no simple fix.

“It’s the type of repair people don’t need. We would have to remove the gas tank clean it put it back, you have to flush the lines in some cases. It can cause damage to injectors and in some cases, if the fuel pump is ad, I have to get a new fuel pump. Everything adds up,” Porta said.

The gas station owners say they’ve already filed an insurance claim and plan on taking care of the cost of repairs for the customers.

Garcia says there’s about eight of them that he knows of with at least one saying their repairs will cost up to $13,000.

If you purchased gas at the station and are experiencing car issues, you can call 888-467-4355. 

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