(KRON) — On what’s turned into a violent afternoon in Oakland, a suspect who police say barricaded himself into a restroom stall with a knife has been arrested, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies assigned to Social Services at 2000 San Pablo Avenue responded at around 3 p.m. Tuesday to a man in his 40s who police say kicked a hole in the bathroom wall at that location.

As deputies went to detain the man, he barricaded himself inside the restroom. The man said he had a saw-like knife, but police say he did not brandish it or threaten anyone with it.

Officers from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Crisis Intervention Unit, AC Transit Unit and the Oakland Police Department responded to the incident. The suspect surrendered shortly after crisis negotiators arrived, police said.

No force was needed to take the man into custody. He was arrested and charged with vandalism and resisting/obstructing, an Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesperson said.

The incident occurred the same day a person was shot dead outside Lake Merritt BART station and, in a separate incident, a man was found shot to death at an Oakland park.