OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Starting Friday, all BART fares will increase by 3.4% that adds 15 cents to the average fare of $3.78. 

Another example of how the fare increase would affect a ride is a short trip from downtown Berkeley to 19th street in Oakland would increase five cents. While a longer trip from Antioch to Montgomery would increase by 30 cents.

“I just take BART to get where I need to go,” Jenn Schiller shared,” adding, “I ride everyday and this won’t stop me.”

Bart officials explained what the money from the fare increase will pay for, “pay for enhanced cleaning, additional police and unarmed safety staff presence and buying new train cars,” BART officials said in a statement.

If this is becoming unaffordable for you, BART has the clipper start program for low income riders. “Offers a 20% discount for low income adults. They can apply for that and it’s 20% off no matter when they ride,” officials said in a statement.

BART officials say they are seeing more riders on the weekend and if you’re using it this holiday weekend here are some tips, “if you’re heading into the city for events. You know you’re not going to pay for parking. BART parking is free on weekends. It’s reliable and you can predict how much you will pay. use our fare calculator. Whereas at the gas pump it changes week to week.”>

The best way to ride BART is by using the Clipper card app. You just download it and add money to your card there. The only thing is that starting Friday, it’ll cost you a bit more.