SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – BART is going to be using these license plate readers for parking enforcement.

But BART’s director also says this will help address crime. 

This is how it works….riders will input their license plate numbers instead of entering a stall number or checking for paid permits.

There’s going to be a phased approach. 

BART staff that enforce parking would get mobile units and scan the license plates to see if riders paid. 

This idea started back a few years ago under a pilot program that launched at the MacArthur Station.

The plan was successful, so board members approved a contract to expand the plate readers.  

Two fixed license plate readers will replace the initial ones placed at the MacArthur Station.

More cameras are also planned to be installed — details on where those will be located haven’t been given out yet.

Privacy groups did raise concerns about license plate readers and where that information is being stored.

However, during yesterday’s meeting — board members say they have worked with the privacy advocacy groups on their concerns.