WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) – The hot temperatures in the Bay Area this week are having an impact on public transit.

BART is taking extra safety measures to try to prevent the overheating of its rails, which could lead to a possible derailment. BART spokesperson Jim Allison tells KRON4 trains will be slowed down, with the maximum speed set at 44 miles per hour. 

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Back in June, a BART train derailed due to high temperatures. Passengers were stuck as a result of the derailment and BART had to bring in a bus transfer.

The sections that trains will be slowed down at will be between the Layfette and Bay Point stops and between Bayfair in San Leandro to the Dublin/Pleasanton stop. Passengers can expect to add an extra ten minutes to their commute.

Train operators are informing BART passengers of these steps. “They made an announcement between I think Lafayette and Orinda that they were slowing down the trains on purpose due to the extreme heat out here,” said Chris Outcult, BART passenger.

Some passengers are understanding of this safety precaution, despite their commute lasting longer than usual. “I’d rather do that, get home safely than have to worry about that”, said Victoria Shearer, BART passenger.

These safety precautions will last until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday night.