(KRON) – Starting today if you’re riding BART you don’t have to wear a mask.

They’re optional, but BART officials are trying to re-instate a mask mandate.

The agency dropped its mask mandate because there’s now no federal, state or local orders requiring masks on public transportation

BART had been following federal guidance — but now the TSA won’t be enforcing that after Monday’s federal court order overturning the guidance.

However, BART is considering a proposal that would require masks on its trains. 

But Board President Rebecca Saltzman said she’ll be presenting the proposal at the next BART meeting.

She said COVID-19 cases are going up again. 

BART officials say this is their way to keep riders safe, especially the ones who are at high risk, or are under the age of five.

The BART board is meeting April 28, but for now, BART police won’t be enforcing masks on their trains.

Masks are optional but they’re highly encouraged by BART officials.