SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Bay Area Rapid Transit will continue to require face masks while the agency reviews its options, according to Wednesday morning tweets.

“Face masks are still required at BART while we review our options,” a tweet stated. “We are seeking clarity from the state if there is a state level mask mandate for transit that we can use to continue requiring and enforcing a mask mandate.”

Many transit agencies are throwing out mask mandates after a federal court on Monday invalidated the Biden administration’s policy, which had been extended until May 3.

KRON4 reached out to BART to ask who made the decision to continue mandatory masking but did not immediately hear back. Later, BART Chief Communications Officer Alicia Trost said the agency is in the process of finding out if there is a state-level mask mandate for transit that can apply now that the federal-level mandate has been overturned.

“If there is, then that will be used as the authority to have a mandate and enforce it,” Trost stated to KRON4. “If there isn’t, then the only way we can continue to have a mask mandate, and enforce it, is if our board voted to adopt a BART ordinance.”

BART stated that it has not been determined if, after the agency reviews its options, masking will continue to be mandatory or not.

“We haven’t made an official determination if a mask mandate will continue on BART,” another tweet stated. “Once we make a final determination, we will communicate it. We don’t want to say one thing and then immediately change it with little notice. We’ve been consistent w/ this since the ruling.”

In a separate statement to KRON4’s Dan Kerman, Trost said, “We are keeping it active as we seek clarity from the state if there is a state level mask mandate for transit.”