SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – There is no service between the 24th St.-Mission and Daly City Bay Area Rapid Transit stations, according to the transit agency.

“There is currently limited Green line service between Berryessa and Daly City,” a service advisory stated. “Passengers traveling from the San Francisco line can board a Dublin/Pleasanton train and transfer at Bayfair to a Berryessa train. Those traveling from the Berryessa line can board a Richmond train and transfer at Bayfair to a San Francisco train and off board at 24th St. Mission.”

The reason is an equipment malfunction, BART stated, between the Daly City and Balboa Park stations. The coverboard, which covers the third electric rail, was sparking. A small fire on the trackway had been extinguished as of 6:50 p.m. but there is no service at this time between the stations.

“There is currently limited Red line service on the Richmond line in the Millbrae direction,” another service advisory stated. “Passengers traveling from Richmond can board a Berryessa train, transfer at MacArthur to a SFO train then off board at 24th St Mission.”

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